When Deven was 10 days old, he went into a coma. When he woke up, the doctors said there is no way he will get through this. We were sent to Ranken Jordan for hospice care.

Ranken Jordan wasn’t giving up on Deven.

In spite of the fact Deven was in hospice, his team worked to find a formula to feed him. They said let’s give him some “belly time” in the therapy gym.

A week before Christmas, we took Deven home. He’s eight now and he still comes to Ranken Jordan for therapy.

We were told Deven would never talk, never walk, never show emotions, never do anything more than a newborn baby.

Ranken Jordan said never say never.

Deven is 8 years old now. He walks with a walker and communicates using an iPad. He giggles the entire time he is playing. He loves school.

With Ranken Jordan, Deven gets to live a normal childhood. Ranken Jordan has been not only a bridge home for us but a bridge back to a normal, happy life.

Steve and Amanda, parents of Deven
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